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If you suspect a loved one of infidelity in Cookeville, Tennessee, let us give you peace of mind with expert cell phone forensics and hard drive data recovery from My CFI. When it comes to digital forensics and trace data recovery, our certified investigators know all the tricks people use to erase elicit activity and how to expose them.

Your Personal Digital Investigators

• Recovering System Passwords
• Recovering Deleted Emails
• Recovering Pictures from Corrupted Disks
• Recovering History of Google Searches & Visited Websites
• Determining When Items were Deleted
• Uncovering All Hard Disk Data
• Obtaining a Log of All Individuals Logged into a System
 • Retrieving Deleted or Password-Protected
Items from Hard Disk
• Retrieving Hidden or Reformatted Items
from Hard Disk
• Recovering Instant Messages & Chats
• Determining Who Deleted Specific Items

Your Mobile Phone Forensic Experts

One needs only to refer to current media events to know that many people only use their mobile or smart phones to commit infidelities. We specialize in retrieving information from cell phones, including text messages that are still on the phone or were deleted. If you need photos, videos, or calendars retrieved from mobile devices, we also have you covered.