About Us

When you need certified digital forensics investigators to examine your digital media or cell phone, or to recover lost data, MyCFI in Cookeville, TN is your best option. We are fully trained in digital forensics, data recovery, and cell phone forensics. We currently belong to the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), and we are very well-known among police departments and courts in the Eastern Seaboard. As a true home-grown business, we are dedicated to providing Cookeville and the Upper Cumberland with top-notch forensics and data recovery services. We also take cases by mail from across the country, so everyone can benefit from our superior services and competitive pricing. If you suspect an employee or loved one is trying to cover their tracks, let us use our many years of experience and certified skills to bring the truth to light for you.

A Proven Track Record

What you don’t know can hurt you or your organization very badly. MyCFI has the experience and training in computer forensics, information technology, and law enforcement to discover the information you seek. We have proven experience in the courtroom that will benefit you in your legal proceedings. We have successfully completed many digital investigations, and many of our clients have looked to our expertise for resolving difficult personal computer questions and IT issues.

Meet Dr. Wells

Our ACE-certified senior forensic investigator, Dr. Stuart Wells, has been used as an expert witness in many legal cases. He is currently a senior professor who teaches university courses on Business and Information Systems. He has also provided assistance to police departments and legal teams in resolving their digital forensic inquiries since 2004.