Attorneys – Complete your legal or internal company investigation with expert forensics services and data recovery from MyCFI in Cookeville, TN. Our investigators consult with you on allowable methods of investigation using digital forensics. Put your trust in our experience in digital investigation and legal proceedings to get you professional results in your digital investigation.

We work all types of civil and criminal cases including child pornography to murder. Dr. Wells has been certified as a digital forensics expert in civil, criminal, local, state, federal and military jurisdictions.

Your Legal Digital Assistants at MyCFI

If you are pressing charges, we provide litigation support through our electronic discovery services and act as expert witnesses to help reinforce your case. We also lend our hand if you are defending a client accused of illicit computer and digital activities. We look at the opposing counsel’s digital evidence, checking it for accuracy and thoroughness, making note of holes and weaknesses we find.
If your case depends on recovering lost, deleted, reformatted, hidden, or encrypted digital documents, put our team on the case. Here are some of the document types we recover:

Emails & Text Messages
Instant Messages
Proprietary Accounting Information
Photographs & Voice Recordings
Internet Chat Files & Fragments
Spreadsheets & Databases
Evidence of Surreptitious Activity

Your Additional HR Resources at MyCFI

Do you suspect an employee of data misuse or fraud? If you are trying to resolve an internal company issue and want to avoid making a hasty and unwarranted decision, put our data and hard drive recovery detectives to work for you. Here are some of the more common types of investigations we handle:

Misuse & Fraud

of Employee Data, Computer Resources, and Company Communications

Criminal Defense

Murder, Child Pornography, Theft, Embezzlement, Cyber Crimes and others

including Harassment and Discrimination

Data Recovery

including Deleted Files and History