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Resolve your corporate or legal matter with the services of certified digital forensics investigators in Cookeville, TN. At MyCFI, we specialize in working with attorneys, businesses, and individuals to recover and discover information on computers, cell phones, and other digital storage devices. We know how to detect and uncover digital trace evidence, even with removable media such as memory sticks. When it comes to confirming or disproving your suspicions, we have you covered.

Your Experienced, Tested, & Approved Investigators at MyCFI

Leverage your power of discovery through the digital evidence we uncover for you. We have provided expert testimony in both civil and criminal court proceedings.

Not only do we use the latest in court-approved forensic hardware and software, but all of investigation tools and methods have been thoroughly tested and are forensically sound. We receive extensive training from those who develop our investigation tools. Here is a short list of common resources we use:

  • FRED, a Forensic Recovery of Evidence Device by Digital Intelligence
  • Forensic Toolkit by AccessData® & FTK® Imager
  • FTK® Mobile Phone Examiner & Password Recovery Toolkit

In addition to these digital tools, we also rely on our network of highly-trained investigators, computer advisors, and computer investigators. When it comes to uncovering the digital truth, we are your network of support.